Arrange finance through our empaneled lenders i.e. (Banks/Financial Institutions) to help individuals and companies purchase Residential or Commercial Property in the UAE.

Free Expert Advice on matters pertaining to Real Estate & Finance.

Just Mortgages provides you array of services, to get you the best real-estate finance solution.

New Purchase

For personal use or for investment purpose, whatever may be your purpose of buying a property (Residential / Commercial), uncertainties come hand in hand with excitement. Here you need an expert’s guidance so that cost involved can be minimised and overall it turns out to be more profitable deal.

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Given the market situations, EIBOR (Emirates interbank offer rate) keeps on fluctuating. This results into change in the interest rate. There is high possibility that the mortgage rate that you got at the time of buying your property has increased. Just Mortgages can guide you in this perspective to help you switch your mortgage to better financing rate.

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Equity/Cash Release

Just Mortgages can always help you to get your equity/cash release on your fully paid up property. This has helped many of our clients to maintain a better cash flow in their businesses.

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Mortgage for Non-residents

UAE real estate market is an international market. People from different countries have invested in properties in UAE. However, handful of banks have products for non-residents investing in UAE. Just Mortgages can help non-residents with all detailed procedure being followed by banks guide you to secure such mortgages.

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2nd Degree Mortgage & Construction Finance

This product is exclusively for UAE Nationals. Please contact us for more information.

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Debt Restructuring/ Portfolio Management

Investors who have multiple properties and taken multiple mortgages, have to juggle between various banks. Just Mortgages can do Debt Restructuring for you to make overall investments streamlined and profitable.

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