What People Say

Overall, the experience was great. Ramesh knows the process very well and continues to be engaged until the end of the transaction. He also has strong access to banks which helps him negotiate attractive terms. Highly recommended for anyone looking to purchase property in Dubai.
---jad damaj [Head of Mergers & Acquisitions - MAF]
Ramesh has extensive knowledge of varied mortgage products that are available in the market. He puts a great deal of effort understanding your requirements and explains each and every product in detail leaving no doubt. As a result it was easy for me to zero in on the product that suited my requirements. He has strong connections in the banks which enables him to get you such competitive rates that sometimes the bank employees themselves are unable to offer. He is prompt honest and guides in such a fashion that not only do you end up with the best product but also end up saving a lot of miscellaneous costs. In my case he was so efficient and prompt as if it was his own property that he was buying. Those of you wanting to finance properties in the UAE I strongly recommend dealing with him.
---svapnil shenoy [Captain - Emirates Airlines]
Ramesh has been exemplary in his style and service. We are pleased to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude for your professionalism in your every action. Your performance while working with us proves you are an excellent professional as well as a good human being. We hope we will be able to count with your services in future and would highly recommend your services to our family and friends. I congratulate you for your services and appreciate your help and support to take one of the toughest decision of our lives. All the best for your future endeavors.  
---avi gambhir [Sales Manager - HP Middle East]